Healthy Lifestyle Churches in Orange County, CA

Are you looking for a church that promotes a healthy lifestyle in Orange County, CA? Look no further than REMEDY and the San Ireneo Ministry of Health. REMEDY is a Gospel-centered healing and recovery program that provides real tools to stay connected and free. It leverages tried and true principles of recovery in a group setting and is rooted in the larger story of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This program is designed for anyone experiencing life challenges resulting from anger, unhealthy eating habits, chronic relationship difficulties, unwanted sexual behavior, alcohol or pain medication abuse, past trauma, or physical or sexual abuse. The San Ireneo Ministry of Health is dedicated to the spiritual care of the parish community.

It promotes and encourages the health of the body, mind, and spirit through education and community support. Volunteers help both clergy and family to ensure a calm and compassionate journey from the vigil to the grave. The Ministry also provides assistance, guidance, and comfort to families during these sacred services. The church also participates in Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program by buying Christmas gifts for children whose parents are in prison. Additionally, they organize a biblical collection for Orange County jail inmates for the entire church.

The Orangewood Center for Children and Families is another organization that works with Orange County children. They provide safe care in a supportive environment through creative and innovative care approaches that foster trust with empathy, respect and compassion. From coordinating craft activities to teaching specialized classes on topics such as yoga, art, music, dance, fitness, gardening, nutritious cooking, hair cutting, and design consultations, volunteers are an essential part of OCFC and the lives of Orange County children.

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