Health and Wellness Classes in Orange County, CA: A Comprehensive Guide

The Center for Health Promotion in Orange County, CA is committed to providing lifestyle, diet, self-management, and education services to improve the health and fitness of older people. Led by nurses, registered nurses, and certified diabetes educators (CDEs), the center offers a variety of classes such as strength training, tai chi, health and safety, and arthritis exercises. In addition to these classes, the Wellness Center also helps people grow and develop personally while minimizing the stigma associated with mental health conditions. The Weight Management and Healthy Lifestyle class is a great example of this.

This class has won the Live Smart Program award and covers topics such as diabetes management and meditation for better health. To further promote health awareness and provide opportunities to improve or maintain their health, eligible employees are encouraged to participate in the annual wellness credit program. This program provides a wellness credit to cover county health plan expenses. The Center for Health Promotion is dedicated to making Orange County a safe, healthy, and satisfying place to live, work and play for today's generation and generations to come.

To participate in any of the classes or programs offered by the center, a doctor's referral may be required.

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