Getting Involved in Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives in Orange County, CA

Nutrition Services in Orange County, CA offers a wealth of knowledge about healthy eating and physical activity through the WIC and CalFresh Healthy Living programs. These services include detention center inspections, nutritional consultations, and working in partnership with the Orange County Nutrition & Physical Activity Collaborative (NuPAC) organization and the OC Breastfeeding Coalition. By providing fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, dairy products, whole grains, and proteins to those in need, Second Harvest is helping to increase food security and community resilience. Stephen's story is similar to that of thousands of people in Orange County and around the world who have been affected by the pandemic.

To gain a better understanding of the social and health disparities in Orange County neighborhoods, AdvanceOC has created the OC Equity Map – a data platform that highlights these disparities across multiple dimensions. The Office on Aging welcomes inquiries from local community organizations interested in organizing a 6-week program for healthy living. This program is designed to assist those who are having difficulty covering health care expenses, medications, the high cost of housing, and other basic needs. Additionally, university pantries such as Fresh provide basic needs and a decent experience for everyone who comes to them for help.

The aim of these initiatives is to make Orange County a safe, healthy, and satisfying place to live, work and play for generations to come. By providing outstanding and cost-effective regional public services, Second Harvest is helping to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious food options on a consistent basis. Friends of Second Harvest can also get involved by meaningfully connecting with the organization to help those who will be hungry in Orange County for years to come.

Karina Diepenbrock
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